Monday, August 16, 2010

Aktiviti sebelum pUasa

Dis camp mmg rowwkkk....b4 dis zaman sekolah jek rasa kem yg xckup tdo, pas2 saja2 didenda, n ngn aktiviti yg agak xbermotif...hahaha
however, i gained a lot of experiences....
i would like 2 thank Mr. Ibrahim as our instructOr since BOMBA I, Mr. Kamal...abang2 n kakak2 lovely n sweet team frenzs  Adib as a leader, Edwards who always 'sakat-menyakat', Hafiz who really take care of us...bella who like an assistant 4 adib, milah n miena who very scared 2 act...hahahah, nOni who is very friendly frenz, ija a.k.a jijah who act so marvellous....n me?? who like 2 play aroUnd
A great night walk n jungle tracking activities with pressure n laughed....
Eventhough d camp was already ended...but d memory will kept in my mind
>>>>>feel touched<<<<<<

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