Thursday, August 26, 2010

When perfectiOnist dO their work

I feel suffocate
I feel dizzy
I feel uncomfortable
I feel suckkkk!!!!

y need 2 spend money,  time n energy just 4 d things dats u cn find it here
y must u ask me 2 help u while u think u have more info than i am
y we r 2gether mr, miss perfectiOnist....
Even i'm not perfectiOnist...but i know how 2 settle d things 
by using my own ideas, my own ways n my owns effort....
So suck 2 cooperate with someone who perfectionist
So lame...........

p/s: some ppl say: less is more
(xkisahla org kata kte bekerja sambil lewa k, cz i knw who am I)


fyunie_scha said...

yolah its hard to cooperate wif smone soo perfectionist evendo they were x.. just tendly too gabra handling every matter, could them just b relax n calmly handle it wisely..

Along Wni said...

yess miss ocha...very tensen maa be in grp wit them
could i jump???hahahah