Monday, May 2, 2011

May Mei 5

4 May's Month,,,
TQ Allah S.W.T 4 dis Life and Soul
TQ Mak n Ayah 4 makin' a lovely daughter like me
(Mcm Cipan Perasannya)
So May comes and Pass like d other month
y I choose May??
Cos I was born on May 8, 1987

May 1987 was on Ramadhan Month
(Sebab 2 ak se'berkat' bulan Ramadhan...amin3)
It happened at 3pm and plus plus,,,accordin' 2 Mak Punya Cerita
So they gOt me as "Syazwani Binti Husin"
D named was given by my Oldest sister....Cikgu Asmah
But now mostly ppl called me 'Along' a.k.a Long Kang

4 dis mOmentos Month
Wanna share some 'rowwkkss' pic
(Xtuali xrowkk pn!! Sengallll)

Purple??? Mmg slalu ber'jodoh' ngan ak,,,
dr bj ke tdung ke btol air....

Main2 dlm klas is my expert skill in learning
Howard Gardner said children have 9 multiple intellegences
Me is a child??he~

d 'sengal' face dat i can produced every single shot ^_*

At Multimedia University wif Mahasiswa Anak2 Pahang Malaysia
Bakal 'menantu' solehah!!!hahaah,,InsyaAllah, amin3

p/s: From being 'in a relationship to single' just like poem of my life.....

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ymn said...

me too on may .. 12 may aka taurus : ))