Monday, May 23, 2011

Sweet&Sour Of Life

Suddenly i'm realized dats dis 2011 year absolutely un4getful year 4 my lovely famili
Dats 'dugaan' challenged ours dignity & faith
Allah S.W.T loved us,,,
Sometimes we r strong sometimes we fall down
However 'smile' encouraged me 2 always remember 'expression is inspiration'
Dats y I never changed my blog title,,
Ur expression bring 'something',,
Sweet&Sour of life is choice 2wards us in makin' juicy life
Even we had 2 face d 'dugaan' just put it pass by,,
We can 'pass by' d minute, day, month, year and decade,,,,
Sweet&Sour of life already shut my mouth
Sweet&Sour of life already 'hide and seek' me around others

Sweet&Sour of Life never ends BUT how we wanna ends it up???

p/s: Kawan akan datang dan pergi TAPI keluarga??? Selama2nya disisi....amin
      Terima Kasih Allah S.W.T kerana mengurniakan aku sebuah 'Keluarga Terindah'.....


Gaara said...

da lame tak komen kat blog musuh aku ni...hahhaa

Long-Kang said...

nma pn msuh beb!!hu3