Monday, July 2, 2012

Crunchy Love ya!

Hi peOple!

Now, I'm on my beautiful 'vacation' at 'home sweet home' in Maran, Pahang.
Usually, during dis time (8.00 pm)...after took our dinner, everybody is 'lepaking' in front of d television
while i'm skipped d 'lepaking' & sometimes it would be 'muzakarah time' towards everyone, i start to write dis n3......
Interupted by 'suara sumbang' my niece sang her favourite song 'Anak Kampung'.
Actually, i'm already bored with dats song cz dey love to sing d song every single seconds when dey dont think dats i already 'muak' weyh!!!
Seyesly, nak termuntah dah....

Orait, settle about dats....dey start arguing bout 'sape nak tdo mana, bantal mana, kipas xkena' mess around!
I'm trying to be cool......not angry at all
Because...dey already perform Maghrib 2gether.
Argue, fight are habit of d children rite?? let it be
Sometimes, when we are getting old...our conversation among eldest being 'corrupted'. We love and feel comfort to chat among our aged...rite??
From my point of view,,love is crunchy
Its delicous but easiest to lose! haha....

I love to share how beautiful love is...
Love towards our God : Allah S.W.T
--Lately, I was watching 'Fadhilah Kamsah-Anjakan Pradigma', He said 'Kita kena jaga hubungan dengan Allah, maka Allah akan jaga hubungan kita sesama makhluk'. It means 'When we love Allah more, Allah will taking care of OUR love.....'

Dats y, teach UR children to perform solah.
Teach them to LOVE Allah more 'than that'....'I will love U more than that'...ok, nyanyi lak ek!
Dats y, perform solah in right ways. Jangan solat pakai tibai jek!...Jangan solat macam 'patuk ayam'
When U perform solah in right ways, U know how U will cover ur aurah & be care of 'adab'
When in searching and targeting to get 'Imam Muda', U should be 'Makmum yang Solehah' dulu
Jangan hanya suka tengok Rancangan Imam Muda but captured d information in d Islamic series like dats.
I'm reminding u & myself dont get offended ya! :)

(y Si Adik love to wear 'kain batik' rather than 'kain sembahyang'???)
Penat dah pesan, tapi xmao jugak....adeh
Dis coming Isyak, I will remind them again!
Responsibility for dey aunty...bukan 'Paksaan'..hehe

p/s: Congratulation to Sergio Ramos & d Spanish Team! 

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