Monday, April 25, 2011

Hepi belated besday 2 Miss Kecik

P/s : frenzship never ends,,,amin3


fyunie_scha said...

tengs 4 d awesome vdeo..really overwhelmed watchg it..frshp nvr ends..evndo smtimes there some pain come disturb n goes awy effectg us... 4 u babe..

Long-Kang said...

hahahah,,so much pain in our long journey as students and as besh frenzs,,,
howeva no one cn buy wat we had been through b4,,,love all of u
credit 2 u 2 4 being my beshfrenz=)

azwa_dayana said...

TQ along 4 d wish... such a memorable video 4 me. good job n credit 2 u!
p/s: i'll remember it 4eva~our friendship will never end.

Long-Kang said...

Azwa: most wlcm dear,,,^_*