Monday, April 4, 2011

My blog my rules

Aku pernah terbaca satu komen dari 'bayang2' punya
Bayang2 means ak xtau sape
Dia kata 'wat ap tulis n3 yg orang lain xfaham??'
I'm not a serious blogger yg nk bg info kat orang lain
Or blogger yang nak ada followers ramai
I'm not dats types
Coz i'm writin' 4 my feelin'
2 express my love, my heartbroken, my success, MY LIFE
If i'm writin and U dont understand it, let it be my privacy
If u asked and I answered it, lucky of U
Dats y my blog is my rules
If u dont like it, c d "X" button at right side of ur lappy and click it
Enough yaa....

My blog is my expression 2 inspire myself and ppl who wanna share wif LIFE
Sometimes we cant express our heartbroken, smile in front of d ppl
Bcz ppl will definitely judge us
Mr Blog can't cz 'He' can't talk
I wrote 'He' wrote
I published 'He' published
Dats y I used blog 2 make my other side of world
nEver judge my blog wif others coz i never judge others blog
Coz from my side of view,,,
deir blog are followin' deir owner's rules
i truly respect them

p/s : Hepy besday my dear X-housemate CCTV a.k.a Tan Cheng2 (4/4/1988)
God bless U ^_*

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