Friday, October 11, 2013

Sensitive Skin


Salam Jumaah to everyone.

Based on d topic, it relates with my condition. I'm so allergic with seafood & my boyfie, Mr.Belacan. Its hard for me to separate with him. I nanges-nanges tau masa berpisah! isk..iskk.  That story refer to my first boyfie, which is I never forget until now.

My second Boyfie, Mr.C. C for chicken. kokkk kookk kok kok. He always caught my feeling. I gatal-gatal la if i went to date or spend time with him. So lately, i block him. Sayang, pls give me time to be alone for a while.

This is y, I'm so sensitive. My skin needs protection. Patut kan I berpisah dengan dorang? Agreed?

p/s: Tak sabar nak berhari raya dengan lembu, kambing, kerbau dan tentunya bukan ayam! Chill :)

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